TextTreeRenderer constructor

  1. {DiagnosticLevel minLevel = DiagnosticLevel.debug,
  2. int wrapWidth = 100,
  3. int wrapWidthProperties = 65,
  4. int maxDescendentsTruncatableNode = -1}

Creates a TextTreeRenderer object with the given arguments specifying how the tree is rendered.

Lines are wrapped to at the maximum of wrapWidth and the current indent plus wrapWidthProperties characters. This ensures that wrapping does not become too excessive when displaying very deep trees and that wrapping only occurs at the overall wrapWidth when the tree is not very indented. If maxDescendentsTruncatableNode is specified, DiagnosticsNode objects with allowTruncate set to true are truncated after including maxDescendentsTruncatableNode descendants of the node to be truncated.


  DiagnosticLevel minLevel = DiagnosticLevel.debug,
  int wrapWidth = 100,
  int wrapWidthProperties = 65,
  int maxDescendentsTruncatableNode = -1,
}) : _minLevel = minLevel,
     _wrapWidth = wrapWidth,
     _wrapWidthProperties = wrapWidthProperties,
     _maxDescendentsTruncatableNode = maxDescendentsTruncatableNode;