flatTextConfiguration top-level property

TextTreeConfiguration flatTextConfiguration

Whitespace only configuration where children are not indented.

Use this style when indentation is not needed to disambiguate parents from children as in the case of a DiagnosticsStackTrace.


<name>: <description>:
<name>: <description>:

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final TextTreeConfiguration flatTextConfiguration = TextTreeConfiguration(
  prefixLineOne: '',
  prefixLastChildLineOne: '',
  prefixOtherLines: '',
  prefixOtherLinesRootNode: '',
  propertyPrefixIfChildren: '',
  propertyPrefixNoChildren: '',
  linkCharacter: '',
  addBlankLineIfNoChildren: false,
  // Add a colon after the description and before the properties to link the
  // properties to the description line.
  afterDescriptionIfBody: ':',
  isBlankLineBetweenPropertiesAndChildren: false,