DelayedMultiDragGestureRecognizer constructor Null safety

  1. {Duration delay = kLongPressTimeout,
  2. Object? debugOwner,
  3. @Deprecated('Migrate to supportedDevices. ' 'This feature was deprecated after v2.3.0-1.0.pre.') PointerDeviceKind? kind,
  4. Set<PointerDeviceKind>? supportedDevices}

Creates a drag recognizer that works on a per-pointer basis after a delay.

In order for a drag to be recognized by this recognizer, the pointer must remain in the same place for delay (up to kTouchSlop). The delay defaults to kLongPressTimeout to match LongPressGestureRecognizer but can be changed for specific behaviors.

It's possible to limit this recognizer to a specific set of PointerDeviceKinds by providing the optional supportedDevices argument. If supportedDevices is null, the recognizer will accept pointer events from all device kinds.


  this.delay = kLongPressTimeout,
    'Migrate to supportedDevices. '
    'This feature was deprecated after v2.3.0-1.0.pre.',
}) : assert(delay != null);