DragGestureRecognizer constructor Null safety

  1. {Object? debugOwner,
  2. @Deprecated('Migrate to supportedDevices. ' 'This feature was deprecated after v2.3.0-1.0.pre.') PointerDeviceKind? kind,
  3. DragStartBehavior dragStartBehavior = DragStartBehavior.start,
  4. GestureVelocityTrackerBuilder velocityTrackerBuilder = _defaultBuilder,
  5. Set<PointerDeviceKind>? supportedDevices}

Initialize the object.

dragStartBehavior must not be null.

It's possible to limit this recognizer to a specific set of PointerDeviceKinds by providing the optional supportedDevices argument. If supportedDevices is null, the recognizer will accept pointer events from all device kinds.


  Object? debugOwner,
    'Migrate to supportedDevices. '
    'This feature was deprecated after v2.3.0-1.0.pre.',
  PointerDeviceKind? kind,
  this.dragStartBehavior = DragStartBehavior.start,
  this.velocityTrackerBuilder = _defaultBuilder,
  Set<PointerDeviceKind>? supportedDevices,
}) : assert(dragStartBehavior != null),
       debugOwner: debugOwner,
       kind: kind,
       supportedDevices: supportedDevices,