onlyAcceptDragOnThreshold property

bool onlyAcceptDragOnThreshold
getter/setter pair

Whether the drag threshold should be met before dispatching any drag callbacks.

The drag threshold is met when the global distance traveled by a pointer has exceeded the defined threshold on the relevant axis, i.e. y-axis for the VerticalDragGestureRecognizer, x-axis for the HorizontalDragGestureRecognizer, and the entire plane for PanGestureRecognizer. The threshold for both VerticalDragGestureRecognizer and HorizontalDragGestureRecognizer are calculated by computeHitSlop, while computePanSlop is used for PanGestureRecognizer.

If true, the drag callbacks will only be dispatched when this recognizer has won the arena and the drag threshold has been met.

If false, the drag callbacks will be dispatched immediately when this recognizer has won the arena.

This value defaults to false.


bool onlyAcceptDragOnThreshold;