FlutterErrorDetailsForPointerEventDispatcher constructor Null safety

const FlutterErrorDetailsForPointerEventDispatcher(
  1. {required Object exception,
  2. StackTrace? stack,
  3. String? library,
  4. DiagnosticsNode? context,
  5. PointerEvent? event,
  6. HitTestEntry<HitTestTarget>? hitTestEntry,
  7. InformationCollector? informationCollector,
  8. bool silent = false}

Creates a FlutterErrorDetailsForPointerEventDispatcher object with the given arguments setting the object's properties.

The gesture library calls this constructor when catching an exception that will subsequently be reported using FlutterError.onError.


const FlutterErrorDetailsForPointerEventDispatcher({
  required Object exception,
  StackTrace? stack,
  String? library,
  DiagnosticsNode? context,
  InformationCollector? informationCollector,
  bool silent = false,
}) : super(
  exception: exception,
  stack: stack,
  library: library,
  context: context,
  informationCollector: informationCollector,
  silent: silent,