sweep method

void sweep(
  1. int pointer

Forces resolution of the arena, giving the win to the first member.

Sweep is typically after all the other processing for a PointerUpEvent have taken place. It ensures that multiple passive gestures do not cause a stalemate that prevents the user from interacting with the app.

Recognizers that wish to delay resolving an arena past PointerUpEvent should call hold to delay sweep until release is called.

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void sweep(int pointer) {
  final _GestureArena? state = _arenas[pointer];
  if (state == null) {
    return; // This arena either never existed or has been resolved.
  if (state.isHeld) {
    state.hasPendingSweep = true;
    assert(_debugLogDiagnostic(pointer, 'Delaying sweep', state));
    return; // This arena is being held for a long-lived member.
  assert(_debugLogDiagnostic(pointer, 'Sweeping', state));
  if (state.members.isNotEmpty) {
    // First member wins.
    assert(_debugLogDiagnostic(pointer, 'Winner: ${state.members.first}'));
    // Give all the other members the bad news.
    for (int i = 1; i < state.members.length; i++) {