GestureArenaTeam class

A group of GestureArenaMember objects that are competing as a unit in the GestureArenaManager.

Normally, a recognizer competes directly in the GestureArenaManager to recognize a sequence of pointer events as a gesture. With a GestureArenaTeam, recognizers can compete in the arena in a group with other recognizers. Arena teams may have a captain which wins the arena on behalf of its team.

When gesture recognizers are in a team together without a captain, then once there are no other competing gestures in the arena, the first gesture to have been added to the team automatically wins, instead of the gestures continuing to compete against each other.

When gesture recognizers are in a team with a captain, then once one of the team members claims victory or there are no other competing gestures in the arena, the captain wins the arena, and all other team members lose.

For example, Slider uses a team without a captain to support both a HorizontalDragGestureRecognizer and a TapGestureRecognizer, but without the drag recognizer having to wait until the user has dragged outside the slop region of the tap gesture before triggering. Since they compete as a team, as soon as any other recognizers are out of the arena, the drag recognizer wins, even if the user has not actually dragged yet. On the other hand, if the tap can win outright, before the other recognizers are taken out of the arena (e.g. if the slider is in a vertical scrolling list and the user places their finger on the touch surface then lifts it, so that neither the horizontal nor vertical drag recognizers can claim victory) the tap recognizer still actually wins, despite being in the team.

AndroidView uses a team with a captain to decide which gestures are forwarded to the native view. For example if we want to forward taps and vertical scrolls to a native Android view, TapGestureRecognizers and VerticalDragGestureRecognizer are added to a team with a captain (the captain is set to be a gesture recognizer that never explicitly claims the gesture).

The captain allows AndroidView to know when any gestures in the team has been recognized (or all other arena members are out), once the captain wins the gesture is forwarded to the Android view.

To assign a gesture recognizer to a team, set to an instance of GestureArenaTeam.




captain GestureArenaMember?
A member that wins on behalf of the entire team.
getter/setter pair
hashCode int
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add(int pointer, GestureArenaMember member) GestureArenaEntry
Adds a new member to the arena on behalf of this team.
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toString() String
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