copyWith method

  1. @override
PointerPanZoomStartEvent copyWith(
  1. {Duration? timeStamp,
  2. int? pointer,
  3. PointerDeviceKind? kind,
  4. int? device,
  5. Offset? position,
  6. Offset? delta,
  7. int? buttons,
  8. bool? obscured,
  9. double? pressure,
  10. double? pressureMin,
  11. double? pressureMax,
  12. double? distance,
  13. double? distanceMax,
  14. double? size,
  15. double? radiusMajor,
  16. double? radiusMinor,
  17. double? radiusMin,
  18. double? radiusMax,
  19. double? orientation,
  20. double? tilt,
  21. bool? synthesized,
  22. int? embedderId}

Creates a copy of event with the specified properties replaced.

Calling this method on a transformed event will return a new transformed event based on the current transform and the provided properties.


PointerPanZoomStartEvent copyWith({
  Duration? timeStamp,
  int? pointer,
  PointerDeviceKind? kind,
  int? device,
  Offset? position,
  Offset? delta,
  int? buttons,
  bool? obscured,
  double? pressure,
  double? pressureMin,
  double? pressureMax,
  double? distance,
  double? distanceMax,
  double? size,
  double? radiusMajor,
  double? radiusMinor,
  double? radiusMin,
  double? radiusMax,
  double? orientation,
  double? tilt,
  bool? synthesized,
  int? embedderId,
}) {
  assert(kind == null || identical(kind, PointerDeviceKind.trackpad));
  return PointerPanZoomStartEvent(
    timeStamp: timeStamp ?? this.timeStamp,
    device: device ?? this.device,
    position: position ?? this.position,
    embedderId: embedderId ?? this.embedderId,