guardBracketInText static method

String guardBracketInText(
  1. String str,
  2. [bool? isRtlContext]

Apply bracket guard to str using LRM and RLM. This is to address the problem of messy bracket display that frequently happens in RTL layout. This version works for both plain text and html, but in some cases is not as good as guardBracketInHtml. If isRtlContext is true, then we explicitly want to wrap in a span of RTL directionality, regardless of the estimated directionality.


static String guardBracketInText(String str, [bool? isRtlContext]) {
  var useRtl = isRtlContext ?? hasAnyRtl(str);
  var mark = useRtl ? RLM : LRM;
  return _guardBracketHelper(
      str, RegExp(r'(\(.*?\)+)|(\[.*?\]+)|(\{.*?\}+)|(<.*?>+)'), mark, mark);