surfaceTintColor property

Color? surfaceTintColor

The color used as a surface tint overlay on the dialog's background color, which reflects the dialog's elevation.

If ThemeData.useMaterial3 is false property has no effect.

This is not recommended for use. Material 3 spec introduced a set of tone-based surfaces and surface containers in its ColorScheme, which provide more flexibility. The intention is to eventually remove surface tint color from the framework.

defaults to Colors.transparent.

To disable this feature, set surfaceTintColor to Colors.transparent.

See also:

  • Material.surfaceTintColor, which describes how the surface tint will be applied to the background color of the dialog.
  • elevation, which affects the opacity of the surface tint.
  • shadowColor, which can be used to indicate elevation through a drop shadow.


final Color? surfaceTintColor;