preferredHeightFor static method

double preferredHeightFor(
  1. BuildContext context,
  2. Size preferredSize

Used by Scaffold to compute its AppBar's overall height. The returned value is the same preferredSize.height unless AppBar.toolbarHeight was null and AppBarTheme.of(context).toolbarHeight is non-null. In that case the return value is the sum of the theme's toolbar height and the height of the app bar's AppBar.bottom widget.


static double preferredHeightFor(BuildContext context, Size preferredSize) {
  if (preferredSize is _PreferredAppBarSize && preferredSize.toolbarHeight == null) {
    return (AppBarTheme.of(context).toolbarHeight ?? kToolbarHeight) + (preferredSize.bottomHeight ?? 0);
  return preferredSize.height;