BottomAppBar constructor Null safety

const BottomAppBar(
  1. {Key? key,
  2. Color? color,
  3. double? elevation,
  4. NotchedShape? shape,
  5. Clip clipBehavior = Clip.none,
  6. double notchMargin = 4.0,
  7. Widget? child}

Creates a bottom application bar.

The clipBehavior argument defaults to Clip.none and must not be null. Additionally, elevation must be non-negative.

If color, elevation, or shape are null, their BottomAppBarTheme values will be used. If the corresponding BottomAppBarTheme property is null, then the default specified in the property's documentation will be used.


const BottomAppBar({
  Key? key,
  this.clipBehavior = Clip.none,
  this.notchMargin = 4.0,
}) : assert(elevation == null || elevation >= 0.0),
     assert(notchMargin != null),
     assert(clipBehavior != null),
     super(key: key);