getTextColor method

Color getTextColor(
  1. MaterialButton button

The foreground color of the button's text and icon.

If button is not MaterialButton.enabled, the value of getDisabledTextColor is returned. If the button is enabled and MaterialButton.textColor is non-null, then MaterialButton.textColor is returned.

Otherwise the text color depends on the value of getTextTheme and getBrightness.


Color getTextColor(MaterialButton button) {
  if (!button.enabled) {
    return getDisabledTextColor(button);

  if (button.textColor != null) {
    return button.textColor!;

  switch (getTextTheme(button)) {
    case ButtonTextTheme.normal:
      return getBrightness(button) == Brightness.dark ? Colors.white : Colors.black87;

    case ButtonTextTheme.accent:
      return colorScheme!.secondary;

    case ButtonTextTheme.primary:
      final Color? fillColor = getFillColor(button);
      final bool fillIsDark = fillColor != null
        ? ThemeData.estimateBrightnessForColor(fillColor) == Brightness.dark
        : getBrightness(button) == Brightness.dark;
      return fillIsDark ? Colors.white :;