CircularProgressIndicator.adaptive constructor Null safety

const CircularProgressIndicator.adaptive(
  1. {Key? key,
  2. double? value,
  3. Color? backgroundColor,
  4. Animation<Color?>? valueColor,
  5. double strokeWidth = 4.0,
  6. String? semanticsLabel,
  7. String? semanticsValue}

Creates an adaptive progress indicator that is a CupertinoActivityIndicator in iOS and CircularProgressIndicator in material theme/non-iOS.

The value, backgroundColor, valueColor, strokeWidth, semanticsLabel, and semanticsValue will be ignored in iOS.

The value argument can either be null for an indeterminate progress indicator, or a non-null value between 0.0 and 1.0 for a determinate progress indicator.


The semanticsLabel can be used to identify the purpose of this progress bar for screen reading software. The semanticsValue property may be used for determinate progress indicators to indicate how much progress has been made.


const CircularProgressIndicator.adaptive({
  Key? key,
  double? value,
  Color? backgroundColor,
  Animation<Color?>? valueColor,
  this.strokeWidth = 4.0,
  String? semanticsLabel,
  String? semanticsValue,
}) : _indicatorType = _ActivityIndicatorType.adaptive,
       key: key,
       value: value,
       backgroundColor: backgroundColor,
       valueColor: valueColor,
       semanticsLabel: semanticsLabel,
       semanticsValue: semanticsValue,