buildTransitions<T> method

  1. @override
Widget buildTransitions<T>(
  1. PageRoute<T>? route,
  2. BuildContext? context,
  3. Animation<double> animation,
  4. Animation<double>? secondaryAnimation,
  5. Widget child

Wraps the child with one or more transition widgets which define how route arrives on and leaves the screen.

The MaterialPageRoute.buildTransitions method looks up the current PageTransitionsTheme with Theme.of(context).pageTransitionsTheme and delegates to this method with a PageTransitionsBuilder based on the theme's ThemeData.platform.


Widget buildTransitions<T>(
  PageRoute<T>? route,
  BuildContext? context,
  Animation<double> animation,
  Animation<double>? secondaryAnimation,
  Widget child,
) {
  return _FadeUpwardsPageTransition(routeAnimation: animation, child: child);