lerp method Null safety

  1. @override
Offset lerp(
  1. double t

Returns the value this variable has at the given animation clock value.

The default implementation of this method uses the +, -, and * operators on T. The begin and end properties must therefore be non-null by the time this method is called.

In general, however, it is possible for this to return null, especially when t=0.0 and begin is null, or t=1.0 and end is null.


Offset lerp(double t) {
  if (_dirty) {
  if (t == 0.0) {
    return begin!;
  if (t == 1.0) {
    return end!;
  if (_beginAngle == null || _endAngle == null) {
    return Offset.lerp(begin, end, t)!;
  final double angle = lerpDouble(_beginAngle, _endAngle, t)!;
  final double x = math.cos(angle) * _radius!;
  final double y = math.sin(angle) * _radius!;
  return _center! + Offset(x, y);