MenuAcceleratorChildBuilder typedef

MenuAcceleratorChildBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, String label, int index)

The type of builder function used for building a MenuAcceleratorLabel's MenuAcceleratorLabel.builder function.

The arguments to the function are as follows:

  • The context supplies the BuildContext to use.
  • The label is the MenuAcceleratorLabel.label attribute for the relevant MenuAcceleratorLabel with the accelerator markers stripped out of it.
  • The index is the index of the accelerator character within the label.characters that applies to this accelerator. If it is -1, then the accelerator should not be highlighted. Otherwise, the given character should be highlighted somehow in the rendered label (typically with an underscore). Importantly, index is not an index into the String label, it is an index into the Characters iterable returned by label.characters, so that it is in terms of user-visible characters (a.k.a. grapheme clusters), not Unicode code points.

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typedef MenuAcceleratorChildBuilder = Widget Function(
  BuildContext context,
  String label,
  int index,