anchorTapClosesMenu property

  1. @Deprecated('Use consumeOutsideTap instead. ' 'This feature was deprecated after v3.16.0-8.0.pre.')
bool anchorTapClosesMenu

Whether the menus will be closed if the anchor area is tapped.

For menus opened by buttons that toggle the menu, if the button is tapped when the menu is open, the button should close the menu. But if anchorTapClosesMenu is true, then the menu will close, and (surprisingly) immediately re-open. This is because tapping on the button closes the menu before the onPressed or onTap handler is called because of it being considered to be "outside" the menu system, and then the button (seeing that the menu is closed) immediately reopens the menu. The result is that the user thinks that tapping on the button does nothing. So, for button-initiated menus, this value is typically false so that the menu anchor area is considered "inside" of the menu system and doesn't cause it to close unless MenuController.close is called.

For menus that are positioned using's position parameter, it is often desirable that clicking on the anchor always closes the menu since the anchor area isn't usually considered part of the menu system by the user. In this case anchorTapClosesMenu should be true.

Defaults to false.


  'Use consumeOutsideTap instead. '
  'This feature was deprecated after v3.16.0-8.0.pre.',
final bool anchorTapClosesMenu;