OutlineInputBorder constructor

const OutlineInputBorder(
  1. {BorderSide borderSide = const BorderSide(),
  2. BorderRadius borderRadius = const BorderRadius.all(Radius.circular(4.0)),
  3. double gapPadding = 4.0}

Creates a rounded rectangle outline border for an InputDecorator.

If the borderSide parameter is BorderSide.none, it will not draw a border. However, it will still define a shape (which you can see if InputDecoration.filled is true).

If an application does not specify a borderSide parameter of value BorderSide.none, the input decorator substitutes its own, using copyWith, based on the current theme and InputDecorator.isFocused.

The borderRadius parameter defaults to a value where all four corners have a circular radius of 4.0. The corner radii must be circular, i.e. their Radius.x and Radius.y values must be the same.

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const OutlineInputBorder({
  super.borderSide = const BorderSide(),
  this.borderRadius = const BorderRadius.all(Radius.circular(4.0)),
  this.gapPadding = 4.0,
}) : assert(gapPadding >= 0.0);