buildDefaultDragHandles property

bool buildDefaultDragHandles

If true: on desktop platforms, a drag handle is stacked over the center of each item's trailing edge; on mobile platforms, a long press anywhere on the item starts a drag.

The default desktop drag handle is just an Icons.drag_handle wrapped by a ReorderableDragStartListener. On mobile platforms, the entire item is wrapped with a ReorderableDelayedDragStartListener.

To change the appearance or the layout of the drag handles, make this parameter false and wrap each list item, or a widget within each list item, with ReorderableDragStartListener or ReorderableDelayedDragStartListener, or a custom subclass of ReorderableDragStartListener.

The following sample specifies buildDefaultDragHandles: false, and uses a Card at the leading edge of each item for the item's drag handle.


To create a local project with this code sample, run:
flutter create --sample=material.ReorderableListView.buildDefaultDragHandles.1 mysample


final bool buildDefaultDragHandles;