ScaffoldPrelayoutGeometry constructor Null safety

const ScaffoldPrelayoutGeometry(
  1. {required Size bottomSheetSize,
  2. required double contentBottom,
  3. required double contentTop,
  4. required Size floatingActionButtonSize,
  5. required EdgeInsets minInsets,
  6. required EdgeInsets minViewPadding,
  7. required Size scaffoldSize,
  8. required Size snackBarSize,
  9. required Size materialBannerSize,
  10. required TextDirection textDirection}

Abstract const constructor. This constructor enables subclasses to provide const constructors so that they can be used in const expressions.


const ScaffoldPrelayoutGeometry({
  required this.bottomSheetSize,
  required this.contentBottom,
  required this.contentTop,
  required this.floatingActionButtonSize,
  required this.minInsets,
  required this.minViewPadding,
  required this.scaffoldSize,
  required this.snackBarSize,
  required this.materialBannerSize,
  required this.textDirection,