onChangeEnd property

ValueChanged<double>? onChangeEnd

Called when the user is done selecting a new value for the slider.

This callback shouldn't be used to update the slider value (use onChanged for that), but rather to know when the user has completed selecting a new value by ending a drag or a click.

  value: _duelCommandment.toDouble(),
  min: 1.0,
  max: 10.0,
  divisions: 10,
  label: '$_duelCommandment',
  onChanged: (double newValue) {
    setState(() {
      _duelCommandment = newValue.round();
  onChangeEnd: (double newValue) {
    print('Ended change on $newValue');

See also:

  • onChangeStart for a callback that is called when a value change begins.


final ValueChanged<double>? onChangeEnd;