unselectedLabelColor property

Color? unselectedLabelColor

The color of unselected tab labels.

If labelColor (or, if null, TabBarTheme.labelColor) is a MaterialStateColor, then the unselected tabs are rendered with that MaterialStateColor's resolved color for unselected state, even if unselectedLabelColor is non-null.

If null, then TabBarTheme.unselectedLabelColor is used. If that is also null and ThemeData.useMaterial3 is true, ColorScheme.onSurfaceVariant will be used, otherwise unselected tab labels are rendered with labelColor at 70% opacity.

When this color or the TabBarTheme.unselectedLabelColor is specified, it overrides the TextStyle.color specified for the unselectedLabelStyle or the TabBarTheme.unselectedLabelStyle.

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final Color? unselectedLabelColor;