strutStyle property

StrutStyle? strutStyle

The strut style used for the vertical layout.

StrutStyle is used to establish a predictable vertical layout. Since fonts may vary depending on user input and due to font fallback, StrutStyle.forceStrutHeight is enabled by default to lock all lines to the height of the base TextStyle, provided by style. This ensures the typed text fits within the allotted space.

If null, the strut used will inherit values from the style and will have StrutStyle.forceStrutHeight set to true. When no style is passed, the theme's TextStyle will be used to generate strutStyle instead.

To disable strut-based vertical alignment and allow dynamic vertical layout based on the glyphs typed, use StrutStyle.disabled.

Flutter's strut is based on typesetting strut and CSS's line-height.


final StrutStyle? strutStyle;