ThemeData.raw constructor

const ThemeData.raw(
  1. {required Map<Type, Adaptation<Object>> adaptationMap,
  2. required bool applyElevationOverlayColor,
  3. required NoDefaultCupertinoThemeData? cupertinoOverrideTheme,
  4. required Map<Object, ThemeExtension> extensions,
  5. required InputDecorationTheme inputDecorationTheme,
  6. required MaterialTapTargetSize materialTapTargetSize,
  7. required PageTransitionsTheme pageTransitionsTheme,
  8. required TargetPlatform platform,
  9. required ScrollbarThemeData scrollbarTheme,
  10. required InteractiveInkFeatureFactory splashFactory,
  11. required bool useMaterial3,
  12. required VisualDensity visualDensity,
  13. required Color canvasColor,
  14. required Color cardColor,
  15. required ColorScheme colorScheme,
  16. required Color dialogBackgroundColor,
  17. required Color disabledColor,
  18. required Color dividerColor,
  19. required Color focusColor,
  20. required Color highlightColor,
  21. required Color hintColor,
  22. required Color hoverColor,
  23. required Color indicatorColor,
  24. required Color primaryColor,
  25. required Color primaryColorDark,
  26. required Color primaryColorLight,
  27. required Color scaffoldBackgroundColor,
  28. required Color secondaryHeaderColor,
  29. required Color shadowColor,
  30. required Color splashColor,
  31. required Color unselectedWidgetColor,
  32. required IconThemeData iconTheme,
  33. required IconThemeData primaryIconTheme,
  34. required TextTheme primaryTextTheme,
  35. required TextTheme textTheme,
  36. required Typography typography,
  37. required ActionIconThemeData? actionIconTheme,
  38. required AppBarTheme appBarTheme,
  39. required BadgeThemeData badgeTheme,
  40. required MaterialBannerThemeData bannerTheme,
  41. required BottomAppBarTheme bottomAppBarTheme,
  42. required BottomNavigationBarThemeData bottomNavigationBarTheme,
  43. required BottomSheetThemeData bottomSheetTheme,
  44. required ButtonBarThemeData buttonBarTheme,
  45. required ButtonThemeData buttonTheme,
  46. required CardTheme cardTheme,
  47. required CheckboxThemeData checkboxTheme,
  48. required ChipThemeData chipTheme,
  49. required DataTableThemeData dataTableTheme,
  50. required DatePickerThemeData datePickerTheme,
  51. required DialogTheme dialogTheme,
  52. required DividerThemeData dividerTheme,
  53. required DrawerThemeData drawerTheme,
  54. required DropdownMenuThemeData dropdownMenuTheme,
  55. required ElevatedButtonThemeData elevatedButtonTheme,
  56. required ExpansionTileThemeData expansionTileTheme,
  57. required FilledButtonThemeData filledButtonTheme,
  58. required FloatingActionButtonThemeData floatingActionButtonTheme,
  59. required IconButtonThemeData iconButtonTheme,
  60. required ListTileThemeData listTileTheme,
  61. required MenuBarThemeData menuBarTheme,
  62. required MenuButtonThemeData menuButtonTheme,
  63. required MenuThemeData menuTheme,
  64. required NavigationBarThemeData navigationBarTheme,
  65. required NavigationDrawerThemeData navigationDrawerTheme,
  66. required NavigationRailThemeData navigationRailTheme,
  67. required OutlinedButtonThemeData outlinedButtonTheme,
  68. required PopupMenuThemeData popupMenuTheme,
  69. required ProgressIndicatorThemeData progressIndicatorTheme,
  70. required RadioThemeData radioTheme,
  71. required SearchBarThemeData searchBarTheme,
  72. required SearchViewThemeData searchViewTheme,
  73. required SegmentedButtonThemeData segmentedButtonTheme,
  74. required SliderThemeData sliderTheme,
  75. required SnackBarThemeData snackBarTheme,
  76. required SwitchThemeData switchTheme,
  77. required TabBarTheme tabBarTheme,
  78. required TextButtonThemeData textButtonTheme,
  79. required TextSelectionThemeData textSelectionTheme,
  80. required TimePickerThemeData timePickerTheme,
  81. required ToggleButtonsThemeData toggleButtonsTheme,
  82. required TooltipThemeData tooltipTheme,
  83. @Deprecated('No longer used by the framework, please remove any reference to it. ' 'For more information, consult the migration guide at ' ' ' 'This feature was deprecated after v3.4.0-19.0.pre.') Color? toggleableActiveColor,
  84. @Deprecated('Use colorScheme.error instead. ' 'This feature was deprecated after v3.3.0-0.5.pre.') Color? errorColor,
  85. @Deprecated('Use colorScheme.background instead. ' 'This feature was deprecated after v3.3.0-0.5.pre.') Color? backgroundColor,
  86. @Deprecated('Use BottomAppBarTheme.color instead. ' 'This feature was deprecated after v3.3.0-0.6.pre.') Color? bottomAppBarColor}

Create a ThemeData given a set of exact values. Most values must be specified. They all must also be non-null except for cupertinoOverrideTheme, and deprecated members.

This will rarely be used directly. It is used by lerp to create intermediate themes based on two themes created with the ThemeData constructor.


const ThemeData.raw({
  // For the sanity of the reader, make sure these properties are in the same
  // order in every place that they are separated by section comments (e.g.
  // GENERAL CONFIGURATION). Each section except for deprecations should be
  // alphabetical by symbol name.

  required this.adaptationMap,
  required this.applyElevationOverlayColor,
  required this.cupertinoOverrideTheme,
  required this.extensions,
  required this.inputDecorationTheme,
  required this.materialTapTargetSize,
  required this.pageTransitionsTheme,
  required this.platform,
  required this.scrollbarTheme,
  required this.splashFactory,
  required this.useMaterial3,
  required this.visualDensity,
  // COLOR
  // [colorScheme] is the preferred way to configure colors. The other color
  // properties will gradually be phased out, see
  required this.canvasColor,
  required this.cardColor,
  required this.colorScheme,
  required this.dialogBackgroundColor,
  required this.disabledColor,
  required this.dividerColor,
  required this.focusColor,
  required this.highlightColor,
  required this.hintColor,
  required this.hoverColor,
  required this.indicatorColor,
  required this.primaryColor,
  required this.primaryColorDark,
  required this.primaryColorLight,
  required this.scaffoldBackgroundColor,
  required this.secondaryHeaderColor,
  required this.shadowColor,
  required this.splashColor,
  required this.unselectedWidgetColor,
  required this.iconTheme,
  required this.primaryIconTheme,
  required this.primaryTextTheme,
  required this.textTheme,
  required this.typography,
  required this.actionIconTheme,
  required this.appBarTheme,
  required this.badgeTheme,
  required this.bannerTheme,
  required this.bottomAppBarTheme,
  required this.bottomNavigationBarTheme,
  required this.bottomSheetTheme,
  required this.buttonBarTheme,
  required this.buttonTheme,
  required this.cardTheme,
  required this.checkboxTheme,
  required this.chipTheme,
  required this.dataTableTheme,
  required this.datePickerTheme,
  required this.dialogTheme,
  required this.dividerTheme,
  required this.drawerTheme,
  required this.dropdownMenuTheme,
  required this.elevatedButtonTheme,
  required this.expansionTileTheme,
  required this.filledButtonTheme,
  required this.floatingActionButtonTheme,
  required this.iconButtonTheme,
  required this.listTileTheme,
  required this.menuBarTheme,
  required this.menuButtonTheme,
  required this.menuTheme,
  required this.navigationBarTheme,
  required this.navigationDrawerTheme,
  required this.navigationRailTheme,
  required this.outlinedButtonTheme,
  required this.popupMenuTheme,
  required this.progressIndicatorTheme,
  required this.radioTheme,
  required this.searchBarTheme,
  required this.searchViewTheme,
  required this.segmentedButtonTheme,
  required this.sliderTheme,
  required this.snackBarTheme,
  required this.switchTheme,
  required this.tabBarTheme,
  required this.textButtonTheme,
  required this.textSelectionTheme,
  required this.timePickerTheme,
  required this.toggleButtonsTheme,
  required this.tooltipTheme,
  // DEPRECATED (newest deprecations at the bottom)
    'No longer used by the framework, please remove any reference to it. '
    'For more information, consult the migration guide at '
    ' '
    'This feature was deprecated after v3.4.0-19.0.pre.',
  Color? toggleableActiveColor,
    'Use colorScheme.error instead. '
    'This feature was deprecated after v3.3.0-0.5.pre.',
  Color? errorColor,
    'Use colorScheme.background instead. '
    'This feature was deprecated after v3.3.0-0.5.pre.',
  Color? backgroundColor,
    'Use BottomAppBarTheme.color instead. '
    'This feature was deprecated after v3.3.0-0.6.pre.',
  Color? bottomAppBarColor,

}) : // DEPRECATED (newest deprecations at the bottom)
     // should not be `required`, use getter pattern to avoid breakages.
     _toggleableActiveColor = toggleableActiveColor,
     _errorColor = errorColor,
     _backgroundColor = backgroundColor,
     _bottomAppBarColor = bottomAppBarColor,
     assert(toggleableActiveColor != null),
      // DEPRECATED (newest deprecations at the bottom)
     assert(errorColor != null),
     assert(backgroundColor != null);