estimateBrightnessForColor static method

Brightness estimateBrightnessForColor(
  1. Color color

Determines whether the given Color is Brightness.light or Brightness.dark.

This compares the luminosity of the given color to a threshold value that matches the Material Design specification.


static Brightness estimateBrightnessForColor(Color color) {
  final double relativeLuminance = color.computeLuminance();

  // See <>
  // The spec says to use kThreshold=0.0525, but Material Design appears to bias
  // more towards using light text than WCAG20 recommends. Material Design spec
  // doesn't say what value to use, but 0.15 seemed close to what the Material
  // Design spec shows for its color palette on
  // <>.
  const double kThreshold = 0.15;
  if ((relativeLuminance + 0.05) * (relativeLuminance + 0.05) > kThreshold) {
    return Brightness.light;
  return Brightness.dark;