useMaterial3 property

bool useMaterial3

A temporary flag that can be used to opt-out of Material 3 features.

This flag is true by default. If false, then components will continue to use the colors, typography and other features of Material 2.

In the long run this flag will be deprecated and eventually only Material 3 will be supported. We recommend that applications migrate to Material 3 as soon as that's practical. Until that migration is complete, this flag can be set to false.


If a ThemeData is constructed with useMaterial3 set to true, then some properties will get updated defaults. However, the ThemeData.copyWith method with useMaterial3 set to true will not change any of these properties in the resulting ThemeData.

Property Material 3 default Material 2 default
colorScheme M3 baseline light color scheme M2 baseline light color scheme
typography Typography.material2021 Typography.material2014
splashFactory InkSparkle* or InkRipple InkSplash

* if the target platform is Android and the app is not running on the web, otherwise it will fallback to InkRipple.

If brightness is Brightness.dark then the default color scheme will be either the M3 baseline dark color scheme or the M2 baseline dark color scheme depending on useMaterial3.

Affected widgets

This flag affects styles and components.



In addition, this flag enables features introduced in Android 12.

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final bool useMaterial3;