then<R> method

CancelableOperation<R> then <R>(FutureOr<R> onValue(T), { FutureOr<R> onError(Object, StackTrace), FutureOr<R> onCancel(), bool propagateCancel: false })

Registers callbacks to be called when this operation completes.

onValue and onError behave in the same way as Future.then.

If onCancel is provided, and this operation is canceled, the onCancel callback is called and the returned operation completes with the result.

If onCancel is not given, and this operation is canceled, then the returned operation is canceled.

If propagateCancel is true and the returned operation is canceled then this operation is canceled. The default is false.


CancelableOperation<R> then<R>(FutureOr<R> Function(T) onValue,
    {FutureOr<R> Function(Object, StackTrace) onError,
    FutureOr<R> Function() onCancel,
    bool propagateCancel = false}) {
  final completer =
      CancelableCompleter<R>(onCancel: propagateCancel ? cancel : null);

  valueOrCancellation().then((T result) {
    if (!completer.isCanceled) {
      if (isCompleted) {
        completer.complete(Future.sync(() => onValue(result)));
      } else if (onCancel != null) {
      } else {
  }, onError: (error, stackTrace) {
    if (!completer.isCanceled) {
      if (onError != null) {
        completer.complete(Future.sync(() => onError(error, stackTrace)));
      } else {
        completer.completeError(error, stackTrace);
  return completer.operation;