registerWebServiceExtension function Null safety

void registerWebServiceExtension(
  1. Future<Map<String, dynamic>> call(
    1. Map<String, String>

The dart:html implementation of registerWebServiceExtension.

Registers Web Service Extension for Flutter Web application.

window.$flutterDriver will be called by Flutter Web Driver to process Flutter command.

See also:

  • _extension_io.dart, which has the dart:io implementation


void registerWebServiceExtension(
    Future<Map<String, dynamic>> Function(Map<String, String>) call) {
  js_util.setProperty(html.window, r'$flutterDriver',
      allowInterop((dynamic message) async {
    final Map<String, String> params = Map<String, String>.from(
        jsonDecode(message as String) as Map<String, dynamic>);
    final Map<String, dynamic> result =
        Map<String, dynamic>.from(await call(params));
    context[r'$flutterDriverResult'] = json.encode(result);