integrationDriver function

Future<void> integrationDriver(
  1. {FlutterDriver? driver,
  2. ScreenshotCallback? onScreenshot,
  3. ResponseDataCallback? responseDataCallback = writeResponseData,
  4. bool writeResponseOnFailure = false}

Adaptor to run an integration test using flutter drive.

To an integration test <test_name>.dart using flutter drive, put a file named <test_name>_test.dart in the app's test_driver directory:

import 'dart:async';

import 'package:flutter_driver/flutter_driver.dart';
import 'package:integration_test/integration_test_driver_extended.dart';

Future<void> main() async {
  final FlutterDriver driver = await FlutterDriver.connect();
  await integrationDriver(
    driver: driver,
    onScreenshot: (String name, List<int> image, [Map<String, Object?>? args]) async {
      return true;


driver A custom driver. Defaults to FlutterDriver.connect().

onScreenshot can be used to process the screenshots taken during the test. An example could be that this callback compares the byte array against a baseline image, and it returns true if both images are equal.

As a result, returning false from onScreenshot will make the test fail.

responseDataCallback is the handler for processing The default value is writeResponseData.

writeResponseOnFailure determines whether the responseDataCallback function will be called to process the when a test fails. The default value is false.


Future<void> integrationDriver({
  FlutterDriver? driver,
  ScreenshotCallback? onScreenshot,
  ResponseDataCallback? responseDataCallback = writeResponseData,
  bool writeResponseOnFailure = false,
}) async {
  driver ??= await FlutterDriver.connect();
  // Test states that it's waiting on web driver commands.
  // [DriverTestMessage] is converted to string since json format causes an
  // error if it's used as a message for requestData.
  String jsonResponse = await driver.requestData(DriverTestMessage.pending().toString());

  final Map<String, bool> onScreenshotResults = <String, bool>{};

  Response response = Response.fromJson(jsonResponse);

  // Until `integration_test` returns a [WebDriverCommandType.noop], keep
  // executing WebDriver commands.
  while ( != null &&!['web_driver_command'] != null &&!['web_driver_command'] != '${WebDriverCommandType.noop}') {
    final String? webDriverCommand =!['web_driver_command'] as String?;
    if (webDriverCommand == '${WebDriverCommandType.screenshot}') {
      assert(onScreenshot != null, 'screenshot command requires an onScreenshot callback');
      // Use `driver.screenshot()` method to get a screenshot of the web page.
      final List<int> screenshotImage = await driver.screenshot();
      final String screenshotName =!['screenshot_name']! as String;
      final Map<String, Object?>? args = (!['args'] as Map<String, Object?>?)?.cast<String, Object?>();

      final bool screenshotSuccess = await onScreenshot!(screenshotName, screenshotImage, args);
      onScreenshotResults[screenshotName] = screenshotSuccess;
      if (screenshotSuccess) {
        jsonResponse = await driver.requestData(DriverTestMessage.complete().toString());
      } else {
        jsonResponse =
            await driver.requestData(DriverTestMessage.error().toString());

      response = Response.fromJson(jsonResponse);
    } else if (webDriverCommand == '${WebDriverCommandType.ack}') {
      // Previous command completed ask for a new one.
      jsonResponse =
          await driver.requestData(DriverTestMessage.pending().toString());

      response = Response.fromJson(jsonResponse);
    } else {

  // If No-op command is sent, ask for the result of all tests.
  if ( != null &&!['web_driver_command'] != null &&!['web_driver_command'] == '${WebDriverCommandType.noop}') {
    jsonResponse = await driver.requestData(null);

    response = Response.fromJson(jsonResponse);
    print('result $jsonResponse');

  if ( != null &&!['screenshots'] != null && onScreenshot != null) {
    final List<dynamic> screenshots =!['screenshots'] as List<dynamic>;
    final List<String> failures = <String>[];
    for (final dynamic screenshot in screenshots) {
      final Map<String, dynamic> data = screenshot as Map<String, dynamic>;
      final List<dynamic> screenshotBytes = data['bytes'] as List<dynamic>;
      final String screenshotName = data['screenshotName'] as String;

      bool ok = false;
      try {
        ok = onScreenshotResults[screenshotName] ??
            await onScreenshot(screenshotName, screenshotBytes.cast<int>());
      } catch (exception) {
        throw StateError(
          'Screenshot failure:\n'
          'onScreenshot("$screenshotName", <bytes>) threw an exception: $exception',
      if (!ok) {
    if (failures.isNotEmpty) {
     throw StateError('The following screenshot tests failed: ${failures.join(', ')}');

  await driver.close();

  if (response.allTestsPassed) {
    print('All tests passed.');
    if (responseDataCallback != null) {
      await responseDataCallback(;
  } else {
    print('Failure Details:\n${response.formattedFailureDetails}');
    if (responseDataCallback != null && writeResponseOnFailure) {
      await responseDataCallback(;