containsAll function

Matcher containsAll(
  1. Iterable expected

Matches Iterables which contain an element matching every value in expected in any order, and may contain additional values.

For example: [0, 1, 0, 2, 0] matches containsAll([1, 2]) and containsAll([2, 1]) but not containsAll([1, 2, 3]).

Will only match values which implement Iterable.

Each element in the value will only be considered a match for a single matcher in expected even if it could satisfy more than one. For instance containsAll([greaterThan(1), greaterThan(2)]) will not be satisfied by [3]. To check that all matchers are satisfied within an iterable and allow the same element to satisfy multiple matchers use allOf(

Note that this is worst case O(n^2) runtime and memory usage so it should only be used on small iterables.


Matcher containsAll(Iterable expected) => _ContainsAll(expected);