Context constructor

  1. {Style? style,
  2. String? current}

Creates a new path context for the given style and current directory.

If style is omitted, it uses the host operating system's path style. If only current is omitted, it defaults ".". If both style and current are omitted, current defaults to the real current working directory.

On the browser, style defaults to Style.url and current defaults to the current URL.


factory Context({Style? style, String? current}) {
  if (current == null) {
    if (style == null) {
      current = p.current;
    } else {
      current = '.';

  if (style == null) {
    style = Style.platform;
  } else if (style is! InternalStyle) {
    throw ArgumentError('Only styles defined by the path package are '

  return Context._(style as InternalStyle, current);