FakePlatform constructor

  1. {int? numberOfProcessors,
  2. String? pathSeparator,
  3. String? operatingSystem,
  4. String? operatingSystemVersion,
  5. String? localHostname,
  6. Map<String, String>? environment,
  7. String? executable,
  8. String? resolvedExecutable,
  9. Uri? script,
  10. List<String>? executableArguments,
  11. String? packageConfig,
  12. String? version,
  13. bool? stdinSupportsAnsi,
  14. bool? stdoutSupportsAnsi,
  15. String? localeName}

Creates a new FakePlatform with the specified properties.

Unspecified properties will not be assigned default values (they will remain null). If an unset non-null value is read, a StateError will be thrown instead of returning null.


  int? numberOfProcessors,
  String? pathSeparator,
  String? operatingSystem,
  String? operatingSystemVersion,
  String? localHostname,
  Map<String, String>? environment,
  String? executable,
  String? resolvedExecutable,
  Uri? script,
  List<String>? executableArguments,
  String? version,
  bool? stdinSupportsAnsi,
  bool? stdoutSupportsAnsi,
  String? localeName,
})  : _numberOfProcessors = numberOfProcessors,
      _pathSeparator = pathSeparator,
      _operatingSystem = operatingSystem,
      _operatingSystemVersion = operatingSystemVersion,
      _localHostname = localHostname,
      _environment = environment,
      _executable = executable,
      _resolvedExecutable = resolvedExecutable,
      _script = script,
      _executableArguments = executableArguments,
      _version = version,
      _stdinSupportsAnsi = stdinSupportsAnsi,
      _stdoutSupportsAnsi = stdoutSupportsAnsi,
      _localeName = localeName;