FirefoxProfile constructor

  1. {Directory? profileDirectory}

Creates a new FirefoxProfile.

If profileDirectory is passed the files from this directory will be included in the output generated by toJson. The files prefs.js and user.js are loaded from the directory if they exist and their settings are added to prefs and userPrefs. Settings from lockedPrefs are also added to prefs and always take precedence and can not be overridden or removed.

If profileDirectory is null the content returned by toJson only consists of lockedPrefs as prefs.js and defaultUserPrefs and the dynamic updates made with setOption and removeOption as user.js.


FirefoxProfile({this.profileDirectory}) {
  if (profileDirectory != null) {
    final prefsFile =
        io.File(path.join(profileDirectory!.absolute.path, 'prefs.js'));
    if (prefsFile.existsSync()) {
      _prefs = loadPrefsFile(prefsFile);

    final userPrefsFile =
        io.File(path.join(profileDirectory!.absolute.path, 'user.js'));
    if (userPrefsFile.existsSync()) {
      _userPrefs = loadPrefsFile(userPrefsFile)
          .where((option) => !lockedPrefs.contains(option))