loadPrefsFile static method

Set<PrefsOption> loadPrefsFile(
  1. File file

Load a prefs file and parse the content into a set of PrefsOption. For lines which can't be properly parsed a message is printed and the line is otherwise ignored. Comments, lines starting with // are silently ignored.


static Set<PrefsOption> loadPrefsFile(io.File file) {
  final prefs = <PrefsOption>{};
  final lines = LineSplitter.split(file.readAsStringSync())
      .where((line) => !_ignoreLine(line));
  var canNotParseCaption = true;

  for (final line in lines) {
    final option = PrefsOption.parse(line);
    if (option is InvalidOption) {
      if (canNotParseCaption) {
        print('Can\'t parse lines from file "${file.path}":');
        canNotParseCaption = false;
      print('  $line');
  return prefs;