toJson method

Map<String, dynamic> toJson()

Creates a map like {'browserName: 'firefox', 'firefox_profile': 'xxxxx'} where xxxxx is the zipped and base64 encoded content of the files in profileDirectory if one was pased. The files prefs.js and user.js are generated from the content of prefs and userPrefs. It can be uses like var desired = Capabilities.firefox..addAll(firefoxProfile.toJson()}


Map<String, dynamic> toJson() {
  final archive = Archive();
  final dir = profileDirectory;

  if (dir != null) {
    final files = dir.listSync(recursive: true).whereType<io.File>();

    for (var file in files) {
      final name = path.relative(file.path, from: dir.path);
      if (name == 'prefs.js' || name == 'user.js') {
      archive.addFile(ArchiveFile(name, file.readAsBytesSync()));

  final prefsJsContent = => option.asPrefString).join('\n').codeUnits;
  archive.addFile(ArchiveFile('prefs.js', prefsJsContent));

  final userJsContent = => option.asPrefString).join('\n').codeUnits;
  archive.addFile(ArchiveFile('user.js', userJsContent));

  final zipData = ZipEncoder.encode(archive);
  return {'firefox_profile': base64.encode(zipData)};