frame method

void frame(
  1. [Object? frame]

Changes focus to another frame on the page. If frame is a: int: select by its zero-based index WebElement: select the frame for a previously found frame or iframe element. String: same as above, but only CSS id is provided. Note that this is not element id or frame id. not provided: selects the first frame on the page or the main document.

Throws NoSuchFrameException if the specified frame can't be found.


void frame([Object? /* int | WebElement | String */ frame]) {
  if (frame is int?) {
  } else if (frame is WebElement) {
  } else if (frame is String) {
    final frameId = _driver.findElement(;
  } else {
    throw 'Unsupported frame "$frame" with type ${frame.runtimeType}';