FlutterLogoDecoration constructor

const FlutterLogoDecoration({Color lightColor: const Color(0xFF42A5F5), Color darkColor: const Color(0xFF0D47A1), Color textColor: const Color(0xFF616161), FlutterLogoStyle style: FlutterLogoStyle.markOnly, EdgeInsets margin: EdgeInsets.zero })

Creates a decoration that knows how to paint Flutter's logo.

The lightColor and darkColor are used to fill the logo. The style controls whether and where to draw the "Flutter" label. If one is shown, the textColor controls the color of the label.

The lightColor, darkColor, textColor, style, and margin arguments must not be null.


const FlutterLogoDecoration({
  this.lightColor = const Color(0xFF42A5F5), // Colors.blue[400]
  this.darkColor = const Color(0xFF0D47A1), // Colors.blue[900]
  this.textColor = const Color(0xFF616161),
  this.style = FlutterLogoStyle.markOnly,
  this.margin = EdgeInsets.zero,
}) : assert(lightColor != null),
     assert(darkColor != null),
     assert(textColor != null),
     assert(style != null),
     assert(margin != null),
     _position = identical(style, FlutterLogoStyle.markOnly) ? 0.0 : identical(style, FlutterLogoStyle.horizontal) ? 1.0 : -1.0,
     // (see https://github.com/dart-lang/sdk/issues/26980 for details about that ignore statement)
     _opacity = 1.0;