build abstract method

void build(
  1. ParagraphBuilder builder,
  2. {TextScaler textScaler = TextScaler.noScaling,
  3. List<PlaceholderDimensions>? dimensions}

Apply the properties of this object to the given ParagraphBuilder, from which a Paragraph can be obtained.

The textScaler parameter specifies a TextScaler that the text and placeholders will be scaled by. The scaling is performed before layout, so the text will be laid out with the scaled glyphs and placeholders.

The dimensions parameter specifies the sizes of the placeholders. Each PlaceholderSpan must be paired with a PlaceholderDimensions in the same order as defined in the InlineSpan tree.

Paragraph objects can be drawn on Canvas objects.


void build(ui.ParagraphBuilder builder, {
  TextScaler textScaler = TextScaler.noScaling,
  List<PlaceholderDimensions>? dimensions,