inverseTransformRect method Null safety

Rect inverseTransformRect(
  1. Matrix4 transform,
  2. Rect rect

Returns a rect that bounds the result of applying the inverse of the given matrix as a perspective transform to the given rect.

This function assumes the given rect is in the plane with z equals 0.0. The transformed rect is then projected back into the plane with z equals 0.0 before computing its bounding rect.


static Rect inverseTransformRect(Matrix4 transform, Rect rect) {
  assert(rect != null);
  // As exposed by `unrelated_type_equality_checks`, this assert was a no-op.
  // Fixing it introduces a bunch of runtime failures; for more context see:
  // assert(transform.determinant != 0.0);
  if (isIdentity(transform))
    return rect;
  transform = Matrix4.copy(transform)..invert();
  return transformRect(transform, rect);