instantiateImageCodecWithSize method

Future<Codec> instantiateImageCodecWithSize(
  1. ImmutableBuffer buffer,
  2. {TargetImageSizeCallback? getTargetSize}

Calls through to dart:ui.instantiateImageCodecWithSize from ImageCache.

The buffer parameter should be an ui.ImmutableBuffer instance which can be acquired from ui.ImmutableBuffer.fromUint8List or ui.ImmutableBuffer.fromAsset.

The getTargetSize parameter, when specified, will be invoked and passed the image's intrinsic size to determine the size to decode the image to. The width and the height of the size it returns must be positive values greater than or equal to 1, or null. It is valid to return a TargetImageSize that specifies only one of width and height with the other remaining null, in which case the omitted dimension will be scaled to maintain the aspect ratio of the original dimensions. When both are null or omitted, the image will be decoded at its native resolution (as will be the case if the getTargetSize parameter is omitted).


Future<ui.Codec> instantiateImageCodecWithSize(
  ui.ImmutableBuffer buffer, {
  ui.TargetImageSizeCallback? getTargetSize,
}) {
  return ui.instantiateImageCodecWithSize(buffer, getTargetSize: getTargetSize);