load method

  1. @override
ImageStreamCompleter load (
  1. _SizeAwareCacheKey key,
  2. DecoderCallback decode

Converts a key into an ImageStreamCompleter, and begins fetching the image.

The decode callback provides the logic to obtain the codec for the image.

See also:

  • ResizeImage, for modifying the key to account for cache dimensions.


ImageStreamCompleter load(_SizeAwareCacheKey key, DecoderCallback decode) {
  final DecoderCallback decodeResize = (Uint8List bytes, {int cacheWidth, int cacheHeight}) {
      cacheWidth == null && cacheHeight == null,
      'ResizeImage cannot be composed with another ImageProvider that applies cacheWidth or cacheHeight.'
    return decode(bytes, cacheWidth: width, cacheHeight: height);
  return imageProvider.load(key.providerCacheKey, decodeResize);