addWithPaintOffset method

bool addWithPaintOffset(
  1. {required Offset? offset,
  2. required Offset position,
  3. required BoxHitTest hitTest}

Convenience method for hit testing children, that are translated by an Offset.

The actual hit testing of the child needs to be implemented in the provided hitTest callback, which is invoked with the transformed position as argument.

This method can be used as a convenience over addWithPaintTransform if a parent paints a child at an offset.

A null value for offset is treated as if was provided.

The function returns the return value of the hitTest callback.

See also:

  • addWithPaintTransform, which takes a generic paint transform matrix and documents the intended usage of this API in more detail.


bool addWithPaintOffset({
  required Offset? offset,
  required Offset position,
  required BoxHitTest hitTest,
}) {
  final Offset transformedPosition = offset == null ? position : position - offset;
  if (offset != null) {
  final bool isHit = hitTest(this, transformedPosition);
  if (offset != null) {
  return isHit;