adoptChild method

void adoptChild(
  1. PipelineOwner child

Adds child to this PipelineOwner.

During the phases of frame production (see RendererBinding.drawFrame), the parent PipelineOwner will complete a phase for the nodes it owns directly before invoking the flush method corresponding to the current phase on its child PipelineOwners. For example, during layout, the parent PipelineOwner will first lay out its own nodes before calling flushLayout on its children. During paint, it will first paint its own nodes before calling flushPaint on its children. This order also applies for all the other phases.

No assumptions must be made about the order in which child PipelineOwners are flushed.

No new children may be added after the PipelineOwner has started calling flushLayout on any of its children until the end of the current frame.

To remove a child, call dropChild.


void adoptChild(PipelineOwner child) {
  assert(child._debugParent == null);
  assert(_debugAllowChildListModifications, 'Cannot modify child list after layout.');
  if (!kReleaseMode) {
    _debugSetParent(child, this);
  if (_manifold != null) {