RenderAnimatedSizeState enum Null safety

A RenderAnimatedSize can be in exactly one of these states.



changed → const RenderAnimatedSizeState

At this state we know that the child has changed once after being assumed stable.

The next state will be one of:

  • stable if the child's size stabilized immediately. This is a signal for the render object to begin animating the size towards the child's new size.

  • unstable if the child's size continues to change.

const RenderAnimatedSizeState(2)
stable → const RenderAnimatedSizeState

At this state the child's size is assumed to be stable and we are either animating, or waiting for the child's size to change.

If the child's size changes, the state will become changed. Otherwise, it remains stable.

const RenderAnimatedSizeState(1)
start → const RenderAnimatedSizeState

The initial state, when we do not yet know what the starting and target sizes are to animate.

The next state is stable.

const RenderAnimatedSizeState(0)
unstable → const RenderAnimatedSizeState

At this state the child's size is assumed to be unstable (changing each frame).

Instead of chasing the child's size in this state, the render object tightly tracks the child's size until it stabilizes.

The render object remains in this state until a frame where the child's size remains the same as the previous frame. At that time, the next state is stable.

const RenderAnimatedSizeState(3)
values → const List<RenderAnimatedSizeState>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<RenderAnimatedSizeState>


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