debugAdoptSize method

Size debugAdoptSize (Size value)

Claims ownership of the given Size.

In debug mode, the RenderBox class verifies that Size objects obtained from other RenderBox objects are only used according to the semantics of the RenderBox protocol, namely that a Size from a RenderBox can only be used by its parent, and then only if parentUsesSize was set.

Sometimes, a Size that can validly be used ends up no longer being valid over time. The common example is a Size taken from a child that is later removed from the parent. In such cases, this method can be called to first check whether the size can legitimately be used, and if so, to then create a new Size that can be used going forward, regardless of what happens to the original owner.


Size debugAdoptSize(Size value) {
  Size result = value;
  assert(() {
    if (value is _DebugSize) {
      if (value._owner != this) {
        if (value._owner.parent != this) {
          throw FlutterError(
            'The size property was assigned a size inappropriately.\n'
            'The following render object:\n'
            '  $this\n'
            '...was assigned a size obtained from:\n'
            '  ${value._owner}\n'
            'However, this second render object is not, or is no longer, a '
            'child of the first, and it is therefore a violation of the '
            'RenderBox layout protocol to use that size in the layout of the '
            'first render object.\n'
            'If the size was obtained at a time where it was valid to read '
            'the size (because the second render object above was a child '
            'of the first at the time), then it should be adopted using '
            'debugAdoptSize at that time.\n'
            'If the size comes from a grandchild or a render object from an '
            'entirely different part of the render tree, then there is no '
            'way to be notified when the size changes and therefore attempts '
            'to read that size are almost certainly a source of bugs. A different '
            'approach should be used.'
        if (!value._canBeUsedByParent) {
          throw FlutterError(
            'A child\'s size was used without setting parentUsesSize.\n'
            'The following render object:\n'
            '  $this\n'
            '...was assigned a size obtained from its child:\n'
            '  ${value._owner}\n'
            'However, when the child was laid out, the parentUsesSize argument '
            'was not set or set to false. Subsequently this transpired to be '
            'inaccurate: the size was nonetheless used by the parent.\n'
            'It is important to tell the framework if the size will be used or not '
            'as several important performance optimizations can be made if the '
            'size will not be used by the parent.'
    result = _DebugSize(value, this, debugCanParentUseSize);
    return true;
  return result;