moveSelectionLeftByLine method Null safety

void moveSelectionLeftByLine(
  1. SelectionChangedCause cause

Move the current selection to the leftmost of the current line.

The given SelectionChangedCause indicates the cause of this change and will be passed to onSelectionChanged.

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void moveSelectionLeftByLine(SelectionChangedCause cause) {
  assert(selection != null);

  // If the previous character is the edge of a line, don't do anything.
  final int previousPoint = previousCharacter(selection!.extentOffset, _plainText, true);
  final TextSelection line = _getLineAtOffset(TextPosition(offset: previousPoint));
  if (line.extentOffset == previousPoint) {

  // When going left, we want to skip over any whitespace before the line,
  // so we go back to the first non-whitespace before asking for the line
  // bounds, since _getLineAtOffset finds the line boundaries without
  // including whitespace (like the newline).
  final int startPoint = previousCharacter(selection!.extentOffset, _plainText, false);
  final TextSelection selectedLine = _getLineAtOffset(TextPosition(offset: startPoint));
  final TextSelection nextSelection = TextSelection.collapsed(
    offset: selectedLine.baseOffset,
    affinity: TextAffinity.downstream,

  _setSelection(nextSelection, cause);