selectWordsInRange method Null safety

void selectWordsInRange(
  1. {required Offset from,
  2. Offset? to,
  3. required SelectionChangedCause cause}

Selects the set words of a paragraph in a given range of global positions.

The first and last endpoints of the selection will always be at the beginning and end of a word respectively.

This method is mainly used to translate user inputs in global positions into a TextSelection. When used in conjunction with a EditableText, the selection change is fed back into TextEditingController.selection.

If you have a TextEditingController, it's generally easier to programmatically manipulate its value or selection directly.


void selectWordsInRange({ required Offset from, Offset? to, required SelectionChangedCause cause }) {
  assert(cause != null);
  assert(from != null);
  final TextPosition firstPosition = _textPainter.getPositionForOffset(globalToLocal(from - _paintOffset));
  final TextSelection firstWord = _getWordAtOffset(firstPosition);
  final TextSelection lastWord = to == null ?
    firstWord : _getWordAtOffset(_textPainter.getPositionForOffset(globalToLocal(to - _paintOffset)));

      baseOffset: firstWord.base.offset,
      extentOffset: lastWord.extent.offset,
      affinity: firstWord.affinity,