selectionEnabled property

bool selectionEnabled

Whether interactive selection are enabled based on the values of enableInteractiveSelection and obscureText.

Since RenderEditable does not handle selection manipulation itself, this actually only affects whether the accessibility hints provided to the system (via describeSemanticsConfiguration) will enable selection manipulation. It's the responsibility of this object's owner to provide selection manipulation affordances.

By default, enableInteractiveSelection is null, obscureText is false, and this getter returns true.

If enableInteractiveSelection is null and obscureText is true, then this getter returns false. This is the common case for password fields.

If enableInteractiveSelection is non-null then its value is returned. An application might enableInteractiveSelection to true to enable interactive selection for a password field, or to false to unconditionally disable interactive selection.


bool get selectionEnabled {
  return enableInteractiveSelection ?? !obscureText;